Chicken Series

Chicken Wrapped Calcium Bone

1. Keep your dog's teeth healthy and clean.

2. Tasty flavor.

3. Freshing the breath.

4. Support the immune system and protect bones and joints, heart health.

Joint Health and Mobility

Joint Health and Mobility

Easily Digestion

Easily Digestion

Teeth Protection

Teeth Protection

Health Skin and Coat

Health Skin and Coat

Immune Support

Immune Support

Product NameChicken Wrapped Calcium Bone
Code No.10101064: 2.5" x 7g

sweet potato flour 40% , corn flour 30%, chicken 24%, glycerine 4%, vegetable oil 0.05%, lecithin 1%, calcium carbonate 0.01%, VE 0.5%,

 food additives (disodium 5'-ribonucleotide 0.12% potassium sorbate 0.05% calcium propionate 0.14% natural colours 0.03%)


Crude Protein ≥ 15%

Crude Fat ≤ 3%

Crude Fibre ≤ 2%

Crude Ash ≤ 2%

Moisture ≤ 18% 


1-5kg: 6-30g/day

5-10kg: 30-60g/day

10-25kg: 60-160g/day

≥25kg: 200g/day

1. Sweet Potato flour is rich in vitamin C, it can boost immunity, protect the gastric mucosa, but also promote intestinal peristalsis and regulate the intestinal environment.

2. Chicken meat is very easy to digest and enriched in high protein, low-fat. The taste is also what dog loves to eat.

3. The bone shape stimulates the dog's gnawing nature, and the grinding will not hurt the teeth.

4. Milk-flavored calcium bone supplements rich in minerals and calcium required by the body.

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