Marble Series

Marble Beef Stick

Snow beef Strips dog treats are made of premium meat which is gently air-dried. They are free from soya and meat meal. Not only are they especially tasty, they are also easy to digest.

  • Beef: 10% fresh beef meat, gently air-dried

  • Duck: 45% duck

  • Fish:  65% fresh fish

We guarantee real meat.

Joint Health and Mobility

Joint Health and Mobility

Easily Digestion

Easily Digestion

Teeth Protection

Teeth Protection

Health Skin and Coat

Health Skin and Coat

Immune Support

Immune Support

Product NameMarble beef Stick
Code No.10105017
IngredientsFish meat, beef meat, duck meat,corn starch,salt,glycerin

Crude Protein ≥ 27%

Crude Ash ≤ 4%

Crude Fiber ≤ 1.5%

Crude Fat ≤ 1.7%

Moisture ≤18%


1-5kg: 6-30g/day

5-10kg: 30-60g/day

10-25kg: 60-160g/day

≥25kg: 200g/day

Supplementary feed for dogs.

Feed as a snack or reward between meals. The amounts listed below equal approx. 10% of your dog's daily energy needs and can vary depending on age, breed and level of activity. Fresh water should be provided at all times.

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