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Michael Wang -Global Marketing Director

Michael Wang -Global Marketing DirectorMichael Wang -Global Marketing Director


13+ years experience of Key account service in Petfood industry since 2009;

Professionally understanding of the petfood industry include process of petfood production, quality control and export;

Skilled in the petfood export workflow;

Well understanding European and American laws and regulations on petfood import; Customer management & customer service & delivering projects on time awareness; Excellent multi-tasking of projects with various timelines;

Good team management skills;

Good multi-department coordination and communication skills;

Excellent attention to detail;

Ability to work under pressure & at a fast pace;

Experienced in problem-solving; Good interpersonal skills;

Sincere, Loyal, dedicated and trustworthy.

Email: info@chaotaipet.com 

Tel/whatsapp: +86-17853847118

Facebook: +86-16653830770

Linda- Sales

Linda- SalesLinda- Sales


8 years expirence of serving customers in pet treats industry from 2014. Skilled in documents making, shipment booking and daily communication of regular orders.

Skilled in order processing and customer orented. Pay attention to detail communication with customers and expirenced in problem solving and team working.

Email: sales@chaotaipet.com


Alice Ai-Senior Marketing Executive

Alice Ai-Senior Marketing ExecutiveAlice Ai-Senior Marketing Executive


15 years of experience in foreign trade, purchasing and marketing.

In the past, the love of work was for life; now the love of work is a sincere love of our products.

It fills my heart with a sense of happiness to imagine the puppy eating our treats happily.

Email: sales5@chaotaipet.com

Tel/Whatsapp: +8618953879305

Doris-Marketing Director

Doris-Marketing DirectorDoris-Marketing Director


Professional in international trade for about 10 years, love pets so much.

Be good at communication and coordination.

Always be the suppliers as well as friends with the customers .

Help customers to widen business with the good quality products and competitive price.

Doris will always be here to serve you .

Email: doris@chaotaipet.com

Tel/Whatsapp: +86 15153851796

Sandy Xu-Senior Sales

Sandy Xu-Senior SalesSandy Xu-Senior Sales


Proficient in professional pet product knowledge, familiar with all kinds of pet products. For many years has been adhering to the first line supervision of product production, familiar with the production process and product technology. Always choose the most suitable products for customers, good at recommending cost-effective products. Pay attention to maintain a good relationship with customers, good at communication, always care about customers

Email: sandy@chaotaipet.com

Tel/Whatsapp: +8618353823723

Mily Zhang-Label Private Deputy Manager

Mily Zhang-Label Private Deputy ManagerMily Zhang-Label Private Deputy Manager


Have been engaged in international trade for over 15 years.

Have rich experiences in the pet industry.

The right person you can trust with your work.

Email: mily@chaotaipet.com

Tel: +86 170 3907 5555

WhatsApp: +86 138 5480 7847

Caroline Lee--Marketing and Product Manager

Caroline Lee--Marketing and Product ManagerCaroline Lee--Marketing and Product Manager


Passionate about the pet industry, sensitive to pet industry information, proactive and enthusiastic. 8 years of experience in pet snack sales and product research and development, responsible for completing the business performance indicators of the company's pet products business department, completing market layout and channel construction; for the goal of increasing sales in the pet market, training personnel with necessary professional knowledge and sales skills . Product life cycle management, assist the development team to complete product delivery, ensure the achievement of function, quality, time and cost goals; assist the market and channels in planning marketing activities, support customer service, and achieve user satisfaction and sales goals.

Email: caroline@chaptaipet.com


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