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July 30, 2022

How To Treat The Pets Oral Healthy

How To Treat The Pets Oral Healthy

一. Common diseases of the pets’oral cavities

1. Dental Plaque

There is a complex bacterial population in the mouth, and saliva and food residues will provide it with a steady stream of nutrients. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the bacteria will multiply, forming a layer of saliva sticky substances and various bacteria. The mixed membrane of dental plaque may form within 48 hours. At this time, plaque has a certain resistance to the outside world, but it can be easily removed by ordinary removal methods such as brushing your teeth.

2. Dental calculus

Under the action of bacteria, the concentration of carbon dioxide in saliva decreases, and the acidity and alkalinity of saliva increases, which promotes the precipitation of inorganic salts on the teeth and mixes with food residues to form dental calculus. The calculus itself is not harmful, but it protects the bacteria from being removed.

How To Treat The Pets Oral Healthy

3. Gingivitis

Bacteria in the mouth continue to increase, leading to an inflammatory disease of the gums known as gingivitis. Due to the participation of inflammatory cells, capillaries will proliferate, so not only local redness and swelling will occur, but also bleeding during exploration. Gingivitis can also occur when there is no or only a small amount of calculus, and there are many triggers, not just caused by oral bacteria.

4. Periodontitis

Periodontitis is caused by the deterioration of gingivitis. Because of the expansion of inflammation, the periodontal ligament is destroyed, the alveolar bone is gradually absorbed, and the gingival sulcus is gradually absorbed, forming a periodontal pocket. Due to the destruction of periodontal tissue, especially the resorption of alveolar bone, the phenomenon of tooth loosening and displacement will occur, and the bad breath will be further aggravated. Some dogs and cats even refuse to eat because of pain.

How To Treat The Pets Oral Healthy

二. The daily care of dogs and cats

1. Regular dental checkups

The veterinarian carefully examines the oral cavity of dogs and cats, chooses appropriate treatment methods as appropriate, and proposes a comprehensive care plan.

2. Scaling

Scaling is mainly to wash away the calculus in the gums and periodontal pockets, so that the gums and teeth can be closely attached together, and prevent the calculus from invading the gums. If a tooth is found to be severely loose during a cleaning, it needs to be extracted.

3. Brush your teeth

From the age of 6 months, dogs and cats should brush their teeth 2-3 times a week. At first, dogs and cats will not adapt to it, but if they insist on doing it, they will develop a better habit.

How To Treat The Pets Oral Healthy

4. Use a mouthwash

In a sense, the mouth is the dirtiest place in the body. This is because adult dogs and cats have a lot of bacteria in their mouths. Its number is large, and the number of species ranks first in all parts of the body. The oral cavity can be described as a paradise for bacteria. There is good nutrition, suitable temperature and humidity, and air. In addition, some dogs and cats have poor oral hygiene, and bacteria are even worse.

Mouthwash can improve the pH of dogs and cats, remove bad breath, freshen breath, inhibit the production of tartar, reduce bacterial damage, and improve oral problems. Simply add mouthwash to your daily drinking water and it will work.

5. Toys for cleaning the mouth

Tooth-cleaning bone, cowhide bone, and toys all use friction to reduce the accumulation of tartar. Although the effect is limited, it is the least possible way to cause rejection by dogs and cats (if animals have the habit of gorging on food, they should avoid giving them. Toothbone or bovine bone that can be swallowed in one bite to prevent animals from getting stuck in the esophagus).

(1) Dental chews: It looks like a bone. In order to make dogs love to bite, it is specially added with flavor. There are many concave and convex objects on the surface to clean canine teeth. When the dog bites, the bumps can rub against the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth and between the teeth, removing tartar and food debris.

How To Treat The Pets Oral Healthy

(2) Hard toys: Made of hard plastic, the surface is uneven, allowing dogs to clean while biting and playing.

(3) Rope ball toy: The fluffy rope ball, dogs and cats like it very much. While biting, every small rope section can clean the dog's teeth. Tartar on the teeth.

6. Pet diet

A dog's diet should be balanced and the food should be formulated according to the lifestyle and life cycle. A well-balanced diet can ensure adequate nutrition for dogs, especially calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for a dog's dental health. If we feed our dogs canned food, we should increase the fiber and coarse grains in the food. Don't give dogs too much sweets, such as sugar, to prevent them from developing cavities.

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