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September 09, 2022

Why do dogs like to dig holes?

We often see dogs digging holes. Dogs can’t only dig in sand pits and dirt pits, but they still enjoy digging even on the sofa and the floor. So, how about the reasons ? In fact, each animal has its own unique behavior. Just like cats like to hide and play sneak attacks, dogs are no exception. Dogs have many typical habits and behaviors, and digging is one of them.

Reason 1 : Hunting Instinct

Pit digging is an innate habit of dogs. For example, hunting dogs can hunt and survive because they have to hunt small animals such as badgers and hares that live in the soil or caves.

Reason 2: Build a nest

Dogs kept outside the house will dig into the ground in the summer until they reach a cooler place, and then lie there to rest. On the contrary, when it is extremely cold, the dog will also dig a snow hole and then roll up into a nest in the hole to resist the cold wind.

Therefore, it is also the nature of dogs to dig pits. Dogs will dig pits to avoid the heat in summer, and they will dig pits to avoid the cold in winter.

Reason 3: Bury foods

Generally speaking, there are three steps in the dog's burying behavior: the first step is to dig a plane on the surface of the object with the appropriate material, the second step is to put down the things that you want to bury, and the third step is to use the nose to dig the surrounding objects Cover up what you want to bury.

This is a dog's natural food storage habit. The dog will dig a hole and bury the food that he can't finish. When he is hungry, he will dig out the food with his paws and eat it, which can also prevent the food from being eaten by others. Dog snatched.

Reason 4: Grinding the claws / leaving a smell

Dogs like to dig holes on the floor of the house, on the sofa, in the kennel, and sometimes it may be because the dog's nails are too long to walk, so the dog wears the nails in this way. If the dog's nails are too long, it will be inconvenient to walk, so the dog will grind the nails by digging holes. Long can help dogs artificially trim their nails. In addition to polishing the nails, some dogs dig pits to leave their own smell in the soil through their paws to convey signals.

Reason 5: Relieve Stress

If the dog's own mental stress is too high, there will be stereotyped behavior. Stereotyped behavior refers to the constant cycle of meaningless actions in a small area due to excessive stress in animals.

Stereotyped behaviors when dogs are stressed include digging. The most common phenomenon at home is that the dog bites objects or runs frantically on the ground or frantically digs holes with both front feet. This is the same as dog breaking and biting. If the dog is not well trained in behavior, or if the dog feels uneasy and the owner does not understand and causes stress, the dog may use this behavior to relieve stress.

Reason 6: digging soil after defecation

Some dogs like to dig up the soil to bury them after they defecate. There is a saying that it is to cover up the smell, but generally a thin layer of sand cannot bury the defecation at all; another is to spread their smell and swear their territorial rights. .

Reason 7: Boring pastime

If the dog does not have enough exercise every day to consume energy, and does not need to worry about survival every day, when the dog is bored at home, he may use digging as a game and enjoy life. If the owner feels that such behavior is unacceptable, he should correct it appropriately. If he doesn't mind, then there is no need to correct it.

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