Pet Food Industry News

Pet Food Industry News

December 06, 2022

the benefits of chicken liver for dogs

Chicken liver has been used in pet food production, but most consumers are still unaware of the benefits of chicken liver.

As a factory who use chicken liver to produce petfood for many years, we #ctpet hereby are glad to introduce the benefit of chicken liver to the consumers, to help them learn about chicken liver.

1.   The benefits of chicken liver

(1).Chicken liver is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins A, D, phosphorus and other components.

At the same time, liver contains iron and other trace elements, which plays an irreplaceable role in dogs health.

(2).Chicken livers are high in phosphorus but low in calcium, so please feed your dog with high in calcium food while feeding chicken liver, such as calcium-rich dental snacks.

(3).As a professional pet food manufacturer, we #ctpet always insist on innovation to produce healthier and safer pet food, and bring more happy time to pet families. We established close cooperation with world-famous animal nutrition experts, and after hundreds of thousands of experiments and research, we've developed a range of dog treats made from natural rawhide, chicken and chicken liver, this kind of dog treats has received good market feedback and has become our bestselling product and star products.

2.   Function of chicken liver

(1).For dogs with frequent colds and diarrhea, we can take advantage of the high vitamin A content in chicken liver to enhance the resistance of dogs and improve intestinal function.

(2).Many dogs suffer from loss of appetite. so we can use the high palatability of chicken liver to stimulate the dogs to eat, stimulate the appetite, and gradually restore the intestinal digestive function, so as to improve the disease, until recovering.

(3).Over the long-term research, we found that many dogs are malnourished, fussy eaters, stunted, or physically weak. Chicken liver is rich in protein, can help them absorb nutrients and strengthen their health.

3.   What should be noticed when giving a dog chicken liver?

So, there are so many benefits in chicken liver, how shall we feed the dogs? What should be noticed when giving a dog chicken liver?

(1).Chicken liver is not only rich in protein, but also high in fat, so we combine chicken liver with raw materials such as rawhide,chicken meat which are rich in crude protein and crude fiber, to improve the digestibility of the dog treats, then more healthy and safer Liver filled rawhide twists with chicken are here.

(2).Although chicken liver has many important benefits for dogs, no matter how good the food is, it should not be overeat, or it will backfire, so please strictly follow the feeding guidelines. If you would like to know more about this product, please feel free to contact me, my contact information is as follows:

Michael Wang

Whatsapp/ LINE: +86-17853847118

Facebook: +86-16653830770

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