Wet Snacks

Wet Cat Food

● CTPET wet cat food in 4 delicious flavors: Chicken, Beef, Tuna and Rabbit

● Fresh all-natural ingredients, with essential nutrients, No glycerin, salt, preservative and artificial color.

● 100% natural sources.

● With extra added DHA & Vitamin E & Taurine.

● OEM package.

● Soft, savory, healthy and low-calorie treat.

Healthy Eye

Healthy Eye

Replenish water

Replenish water

Joint Health and Mobility

Joint Health and Mobility

Easily Digestion

Easily Digestion

Health Skin and Coat

Health Skin and Coat

Product NameWet Cat Food
Codel No.

20501001: Chicken Flavor

20501002: Beef  Flavor

20501003: Rabbit Flavor

20501004: Tuna Flavor

Guaranteed AnalysisCrude Protein ≥ 56.3%
Crude Fat ≥ 4.1%
Crude Fiber ≤ 8.1%
Coarse Ash ≤ 5.7%
Moisture ≤ 68.4%
Raw Material CompositionChicken
Additive CompositionFructoOligoSaccharide (FOS), 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid (Taurean), Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, DHA

Feeding Tips

Scientific feeding guidelines: It can be fed directly or combined with cat food and staple food it is recommended that adult cats be fed 2-3 per day and the feeding food needs to be adjusted according to the cat's age weight climate and environmental factors.

Notice: This product is ready to be eaten in the open bag. It does not need to be heated by a microwave or boiled.An adult should be taken care of on the spot when the child is fed.Do not eat when the bag is inflated.This product has a strong palatability to avoid excessive consumption of pets.This pet food is only for pets over 3 months old.

1. Select meat and strictly control the freshness, especially add high-quality protein ingredients, so that cats can enjoy themselves

2. Select the ingredients from the seaweed in the Pacific Ocean to make a rich soup to replenish the cat with enough water.

3. Add amino acid and reducing sugar ingredients, with strong meat flavor, and cats love it

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