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Pet Food Industry News

September 14, 2022

Why Do Dogs Like Rawhide Chews?

Why Do Dogs Like Rawhide Chews?

1. Good palatability

Pet research experiments have shown that more than 95% of dogs prefer chewing snacks such as rawhide sticks more than traditional snacks.

2. Meet the needs of dogs to vent their nervous and anxious emotions

Like other animals, pet dogs are active and sometimes aggressive. When there is no one to play with, the dog will vent its aggressive and aggressive characteristics to household items such as shoes, sofas, and tables, or become irritable such as scratching the door and barking. rawhide products are both snacks and pet toy. You can completely save your troubles. For a small to medium sized dog, offering a 6-inch rawhide stick to him before you go to work is enough for him to play and eat, and be happy whole day long or even longer

3. Healthy teeth

Keep your dog's oral and breath fresh. Biting behavior is dog waiting for meat. Due to the characteristics of carnivorous animals, if you only feed them dog food and chicken snacks, the dog's dental function will not be fully exercised and gradually degenerate, and at the same time, problems such as gingivitis may occur due to the adhesion of soft food. Therefore, rawhide chewing products are widely used to train dogs' biting ability and make their teeth and jaws strong. Cleaning its tartar. Maintain oral health.

4. Supplement fiber and protein to balance the nutritional needs of dogs

rawhide food contains more than 80% crude protein, which can well supplement dog protein. Balance your dog's nutritional needs. The protein content of the rawhide stick is as high as 89.6%. With zero fat content, it is an ideal energy supplement snack for dogs.

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